Tony Bambino

We specialize in wide-ranging production of high-quality products dedicated to renowned ice cream parlors, patisseries, and bakeries.

Who are our products aimed at?

Ice cream parlors

Our products are primarily dedicated to ice cream parlors that aim to offer their customers high-quality ice creams and sorbets with exceptional flavors.

Pastry shops

Our 100% nut pastes are a perfect complement for pastry shops that want to add a nutty flavor or other of our products to their confectionery creations.


Our products can be used by bakeries to enhance their offerings. By adding our pastes to bread, croissants, or other baked goods, you can achieve a unique flavor

Caramelised nuts

Callebaut product for ice cream

Privat label

What we offer?

Flavour concentrates in powder form

We offer you a revolutionary product. Its main advantages are:

100% nut pastes

In our range you will only find nut pastes consisting exclusively of nuts. Without unnecessary additives and colourings.

Our products are distinguished by their high efficiency due to the unique way
of roasting and grinding nuts.
Products are available in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 kg.

In our offer: Pistachio 100%, 
Blanched almond 100%
Peanut 100%
Sesame 100%
Cashew 100%
Coconut 100%

Base for ice cream

Our technologists have developed a state-of-the-art formula for ice bases. This makes the ice cream stable
and creamy in texture. In our range we offer:

Base Neutro 5- neutral ice cream base

Base 50- base with the addition of prebiotics, easier to use for those starting their adventure with ice cream.

We also offer the possibility to develop a base for a specific customer.


Natural flavor concentrates

Base for ice cream

Nut pastes

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