Ice cream stabilizers

Natural confectionery stabilizers are gaining increasing popularity as consumers are becoming more aware and want to choose healthy products. In many ice cream stabilizers, you can find active ingredients, but also those that are added to increase the product’s dosage – we don’t operate that way. We want your products to not only taste good but also be safe for the human body. Among ice cream stabilizers, we distinguish those with high and low dosages. The ice cream stabilizers available at Tony Bambino are convenient to use, making your daily work and craftsmanship easier. Our ice cream bases also have consistent quality, ensuring that your ice cream products consistently exhibit the desired characteristics. The most important thing is to choose the right product and solution for your ice cream parlor. Explore our offer.

Craft ice cream variety base.

Producing perfectly creamy and delicious ice cream from scratch is a true art. The final consistency, taste, and aroma of the dessert are influenced by every detail during the production process. The type and proportions of ingredients must be perfectly balanced, so to simplify this process, ready-made craft ice cream bases are commonly used today. An invaluable aid during production is the use of an ice cream base, which will help you create a unique range of flavors. Get to know our product:


  • Tony Bambino Neutro 5 Ice Cream Base is a product dedicated to craft ice creams with a low dosage of 0.45-0.55%. 


Don’t rely on ready-made commercial components and choose our premium craft ice cream base. Available in the store’s offer, the ice cream base for scoop ice creams will create a denser structure and a uniform creamy consistency. They are perfect for display in the showcases and serving in scoops. By adding ice cream paste or fresh toppings, you can create a wide variety of flavor compositions.

Discover ice cream bases by Tony Bambino

I invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of low-dosage ice cream bases ranging from 0.45% to 0.55%. Thanks to high-quality stabilizers for scoop and artisanal ice creams with low dosage, there’s room in the mix for other additions such as mascarpone, yogurt, or chocolate. Let’s take a look at the advantages of our ice cream base series:

  • Low dosing results in fewer raw materials in your warehouse, simplifying organization and reducing work time.
  • The multitude of types offered by our dairy base provides you with a wide spectrum of possibilities and will meet the highest expectations.


Pay attention to:

  • ease of use
  • simple composition
  • flavor qualities


Our milk bases will make your ice cream exceptionally stable with a creamy consistency. Our ice cream base will guarantee you a lasting structure in any environment, even the most demanding ones, such as citrus or passion fruit. In our store, you will find ice cream bases: Base Neutro 5, which is a neutral milk base, and Base 50, which is an ice cream base with the addition of prebiotics, making it easier to use. A product designed for those who are starting their ice cream production adventure at the highest level


Delicious-tasting milk bases

We have created an exceptional milk base, perfectly balanced to meet your highest expectations. The complete blend of our ice cream base, designed for dessert production at the highest level, will delight your customers. The milk base is intended for making malleable ice creams, characterized by a creamy consistency and excellent structure. The milky flavor of our ice cream base pairs perfectly with our collection of add-ons, such as:

  • 100% nut pastes,
  • flavor concentrates,
  • caramel sprinkles.

The ice cream base created by the best technicians dissolves perfectly both cold and hot, adding a unique character to your ice creams. Surprise your guests with the taste and consistency, and they will surely come back for more. The unique structure, the essence of quality at a relatively low price, will guarantee your success and a following of fans.

Delicious-tasting milk bases

Only with Tony Bambino’s milk base can you revolutionize the market and win over customers. Remember that the type of ice cream base used has a huge impact on the taste, quality, and consistency of your products. Opt for a short list of ingredients and a guarantee of success, and we will provide you with technological support, conduct training, and send you samples.